The House of ShadowLore

Douven rescued and ill omens

The next morning, the party headed south to find and investigate the dragon burial site where Douven was said to be working. Along the road south they were once again ambushed by a group of kobolds. While searching the defeated bandits, the party found an odd necklace on the body of a kobold wyrmpriest. On the necklace was a small dragon statuette carved from black onyx. On the bottom of the dragon was etched a skull with ram’s horns, which was determined to be a sign of Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead. The party then continued on to the burial site where they found Douven being held captive by a group consisting of humans, a halfling and a gnome.

Once the dust settled from this tough battle, Douven retrieved a locket from one of his captors. From within the locket, Douven removed a small portrait of his wife, and then offered the locket (+1 Amulet of Health) to the party as thanks for his timely rescue. From Douven they learned that the group was working for someone called Kalarel and they had just recently found at the site a relic that they had been sent to retrieve. It was an ancient mirror of Nerath make. He suggested that if they wanted to find out more about the mirror, they should try taking it to Valthrun in Winterhaven. The party then returned to town with Douven where they hoped to learn more about the mirror and recover from the rough battles of the day.

Back in town, the party spoke with Valthrun who seemed troubled by what they told him and he asked that he be given time to learn what he could about the mirror they had found. At Wrafton’s Inn, Douven was eagerly spreading the word of his rescue and praising the party’s heroics. The party also met Ninaran, a female elf hunter who praised they party’s efforts and told them of where she believed the kobolds had a hidden base – behind a waterfall to the south-east of town.



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