The House of ShadowLore

Filth, Fur and Foulspawn

After leaving the Arborean grove, the party made their way through the twisting halls of the pyramid. As they passed through one hallway where there stood two statues of robed figures, the floor suddenly flipped up to throw them into the pit of the Charnel Lord – an otyugh infused with necrotic energy. The party was able to defeat the Charnel Lord and make their way out of its filth-filled pit, and then make their way out of the trapped chamber. The charnel lord
Werewolf They then continued to wind their way through the halls and chambers of the pyramid, but was soon attacked by a wandering werewolf. The werewolf was put down without much difficulty, but not before biting Thorn and Kris, inflicting them with the Moon Frenzy disease.

After a brief rest, they continued on and found their way to the second level of the pyramid. There they figured out how to pass through the three magical doorways which then granted access to explore further in this level. A bit more wandering brought them to ramshackle dwellings of the foulspawn led by Medragal.

Medragal looked to be performing a ritual with a large heart at their central statue and called for his people to kill the intruders. A tough and bloody battle ensued with Medragal continually spouting claims of being “infused with the powers of the dragon”. In the end, Medragal fled the battle when all of his people lie dead.



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