The House of ShadowLore

Gettin' Gassed

The party ventured into the Chamber of Howling Winds where they were able to disrupt the magical vortex. Within the chamber they found a scattering of coins, gems, residuum and items; among which were Master Keda’s staff, Abraxus’ dagger and two keys. One key was made of mithral and had “The night is mine” written in Elven. The second was an adamantine key with Draconic writing on it.

From there they ventured west into the Heart of Madness where the stone passageways gave way to slick, gray flesh. There they battled against a pair of foulspawn and their pets. The chamber appeared to quickly consume the first of the fallen and seemed to come to life as the passageways sealed shut and a poionous gas started to fill the chamber. As quickly as they could, the group finished off their opponents and tore through the walls to escape the chamber.

From there they made their way back through the tunnels, past a staircase leading up to the next level and through the chambers of ice where they found the lair of a white dragon. The dragon looked to have been recently slain and its heart cut out and whatever treasure horde it may have once possessed was now gone, but for one lone gold coin.

Satisfied that they were leaving no dangers at their back, the group then made their way up to the next level of the pyramid where they took a passageway to the west and north. There they entered a small bed chamber and found Karavakos who cried out “No! It’s not time yet!” and fled behind a curtain. As most of the group entered to confront the tiefling, the chamber was sealed off by a wall of force and a toxic gas started to fill the room. The party struggled desperately to escape the trap and when it seemed that the end was near for Kris and Kayle, they finally managed to stop the flow of gas and escape from the room.

After the trap was destroyed, an illusionary wall in the hallway vanished to reveal a short passageway leading to a set of doors. They opened the doors to find a narrow passage leading to the north and south. The walls of this place were black stone with hideous, tormented forms seeming to writhe within them. A horrifying, soul-wrenching shriek emanated from the trapped souls. They pointed at the party and banged on the walls, desperate to escape.

Steeling themselves for whatever horrors this new place might bring, the party entered the Maze of Lost Souls…



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