The House of ShadowLore

Sealing the Rift

The party pushes through the doors to find themselves in a temple dedicated to Orcus. Glowing crystal pillars reveal a priest standing at an altar up ahead. Blood flows from the altar to stream across the floor before flowing through a grate in the midst of the temple.

As the group rushes in, they find themselves being attacked from all sides by vampire spawn, a couple of barbaric humans and a shadowy, goblinoid creature. Though the group took a bit of a beating early in the battle, they quickly turned the tide and emerged victorious.

When the din of battle died away, they could hear chanting coming up from the hole in the floor grate. Looking down, they saw thick, blood-covered chains leading down into a lower level of the temple where Kalarel stood at an alter performing a ritual to open the Rift to the Shadowfell. Kalarel small
Rift small The group made their way down to the lower chamber (some more gracefully than others). Kalarel proved to be an extremely tough opponent and only with a little luck did they manage to defeat him and his undead minions. When the final blow fell on Kalarel, he was sucked into the Rift; his panicked cries for mercy from Orcus echoing through the chamber. With Kalarel gone, the magic of his ritual work fails and the glowing runes on the floor and around the portal sputter and die. The Rift is sealed once more.



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