The House of ShadowLore

The end is nigh...

After a much needed rest, the party moved on to continue exploring the dungeon, hoping to find Kalarel before he can complete his task. Following the only unexplored corridor to the south, they pushed through a set of double doors and into a large chamber containing several statues. In the midst of the room stood a towering statue of a warrior in plate armor holding an outstretched sword. In the corners of the eastern wall were statues of two crouching dragons. To the south, a small entryway to a set of doors had four more statues of small cherubic figures holding vases.

As the party moved through the chamber, the statues’ purpose came to light. The giant warrior started swinging his sword, attempting to smash people and shove them in front of the dragon statues which belched fire from their gaping mouths. And as anyone moved to the entryway to the far door, the cherubs poured out their vases forming a magical whirlpool which threatened to batter and drown anyone caught in it.

With quick wits and strong arms, the group was able to get through the gauntlet of traps and make their way through the southern doors. And beyond those doors they found themselves in a chamber crawling with undead. Numerous zombies and a ghoul clawed at the group as their might and magic tore through the decaying corpses. When at last the dead were laid to rest, the party searched around the chamber and found a small passageway leading into another small chamber. There they found a pile of debris from previous victims. The only item of value to be found was a Bag of Holding.

The only other exit from the chamber is through a pair of large brass doors. An unsettling feeling seems to emanate through the doorway, and from beyond it you hear a raised voice, singing praises to Orcus. While you cannot be sure if the voice you hear belongs to Kalarel, you do feel certain that your destination is near.

Preparing yourself for battle, you push through the doors…



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