Anarion Bardu

Eladrin Ranger


Born in the modest-sized Feywild city of Tor-Gerith, Anarion’s natural perceptiveness and talent with a bow would lead him to join the cities Pathfinders, the elite scouts of the city. One day, more than a decade ago, when Tor-Gerith was intersecting with the real world, Anarion’s patrol was ambushed by a large war band of Orcs. Taking heavy casualities while defeating the Orcs, the survivors returned to the city only to find it besieged. As Anarion and his companions watched helplessly, the city and the attacking Orcs faded back into the Feywild.

Now trapped on the Material Plane, Anarion and his comrades soon parted ways, each to find his own way in the world. Anarion now wanders the land honing his skills with blade and bow while waiting for that day, a century from now, when he can finally return home and discover the fate that befell his people.

Anarion hates Orcs with a passion. In his eyes the only good Orc is a dead one. He will shoot them on sight,so long as such an action won’t endanger his companions or innocents.

Like most Eladrin native to the Feywild, Anarion follows the tennents of Corellon. Recently, however, he has become interested with the teachings of the Raven Queen. Her followers view that death is a natural part of life intrigues him. Anarion has taken to fletching his arrows with raven feathers in honor of this philosophy. He is always more than eager to use one of his black-feathered arrows to introduce an Orc to the end of its natural life cycle.

Anarion is quiet and reserved and many who don’t know him might consider him shy. Slow to trust or make friends, Anarion is a loyal friend and companion who will do almost anything to help his comrades.

Anarion Bardu

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