Andero Nizpin

Halfling Monk


Andero Nizpin was born in a small, nameless, stilt-house fishing village located near the eastern shore of Lake Wintermist. Making their living by fishing the cold waters of the lake or foraging in the nearby forest, the Halflings of the village led a comfortable, if spartan life. Andero’s childhood was fairly typical, he spent his days running and playing with other children his age and learning the basics of life in the village.

Nevertheless, Andero proved to be exceptional; even at an early age his quick reflexes and dexterity were obvious. When at the age of six he began manifesting unusual abilities, including the ability to move small objects with his mind, his parents sent to the nearby monastery for advice.

Andero’s next ten years would be spent learning the art of Tan-Jin-Qu from his new mentor, Master Keda. Trained and in control of his abilities, Andero followed the wanderlust in his heart and left the familiar surroundings of his youth. For the last year, Andero has been working for the Haflmoon Trading House in Fallcrest as a locksmith, putting his natural dexterity and curiosity to good use.

A couple of weeks ago a messenger came into the Trading House and, with no explanation, handed Andero a staff, the very staff Master Keda carried and used to train his star pupil. Packing his few possessions and quitting his job, Andero has joined a small adventuring company exploring near Winterhaven with the intention of travelling on to his village and discovering what has happened to his mentor.

Personal Contacts: Selarund Halfmoon
Special Item: Keda’s Staff
Personal Quest: Discover the circumstances behind his acquiring Keda’s staff

Andero Nizpin

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