Minotaur Fighter


Goriand was born to a normal family. As normal as the family of slaves is, anyway. A colony of minotaurs, bred for the purposes of digging out the tunnels below the Thunderspire Mountain. His colony was closer to the dread Underdark than the Seven Pillard Hall. He grew much faster than most of the other young minotaurs, and was doing the work of several grown males even at a young age. The ones only known as masters were exceptionally cruel to him, in fear that he may catch onto his unusual abilities. They even fashioned a pair of brass caps which they fused to the tips of Goriand’s horns, in a further effort to humiliate the giant and keep him subjugated to their will.

The family Goriand was born to was a humble one. They taught him the ways of Torog, and shown him how to please the god through his pain, and suffering. The teachings made him work harder, and faster. This only continued to bring him more attention from the masters. It was only after he watched his family beaten, and even killed under the whips and chains of their oppressors did he find that their way was wrong. The life they lived was not enough.

Goriand was a silent giant. He stood above most other minotaurs, and towered over the masters. He became bored with the manual labor and sought more. Sought other ways he could please Torog, the only thing he had to believe in now. The slaughter began mid day. Not a single word uttered by the beast. The constructs were easily taken apart by fist, horn, and hammer. Ones made of flesh were just a bit harder. He fastened himself with heavy steel, torn from the automated ones, and a massive halberd that the leader of them wielded. Now armed, there was nothing stopping him from finding his way up and out of the tunnel. Nothing was able to hold back the tribute to Torog this lone minotuar left, mostly in pieces, along the path.

Sunlight and fresh air was not something Goriand was accustomed to. He began wandering the lands, taking whatever jobs he could find. Money had little meaning to the giant. A bed? Food? he found it easy to live off what anyone would pay for his odd jobs. And it seemed he was able to make his tribute to his god without much effort either. People were even paying him to maim, and create suffering throughout the lands.

Goriand was not an evil being. He found it safer to keep his beliefs to himself, which was not hard since he spoke very little. He was a male of action, but the shortcomings of his life were lessons well learned. Not all fights are won through force, not all suffering comes from a sharp edge. His journey would continue, until he found a place in the world he could fit in properly.


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