Morgran is a dwarven runepreist that carries a Mordenkraid and worships Kord. Morgran is lightharted and will charge into battle at a moments notice. The one thing Morgran will never do is leave a friend to fight by himself.


Morgran lived in hammerfest most of his young life. He was always looking for a good fight and defending the weaker kids. When the time was right his parents sent him to the temple of Kord to study to become a claric of Kord. While studing he learned of you the Gods and Primordials used Great runes of power to do many great deads in their wars. Using his knowlege about the runes Morgran left hammerfest in search of these runes. Durning his search he was visited by an angel of Kord gifting him with his first rune and teaching him the ways of the runepriest.

While looking for more runes Morgran joined a bandit group that was on its way to a place of great riches and power. It has been many years since he has come to the pyramid of shadows. Morgran has grown tired of seeing poeple slaughterd by the bandits and other creaters in this dark place for a few inches of corroders or their magic items. Morgran has spend many of days leading groups to their deaths and bringing back their items for the bandit leader to take for himself. Morgran has joined this group this time around not to lead them to their deaths but to help them make their ways out.



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