Dwarf Paladin


Orsik was left abandoned at the foot of the city Marchessies. He grew up being taught the ways of the Cleric. Originally he showed potential but as a young adult his powers began to wane. He spent countless hours trying to work through his trouble. As he met with High Priestess Delyl, she informed him that his time was up and he needed to move on.

Knowing nothing else Orsik was stunned. He quickly left the church and headed towards the tavern knowing that the only way to think this through was with a large tankard or two. On his way to the tavern a band of adventurers passed by him. He felt a chill as this happened so he slowed down and started to retrace their steps. After following them for a few blocks they turned down a street and charged. He hurried up to see where they were off to. As he rounded the corner he heard clashing of weapons. Turning down the street he found the adventurers battling a group of Raven Queen disciples. Hurrying to help out the disciples he found a hammer lying near a shop. He yelled at the top of his lungs calling out the nearest enemy. During this battle Orsik learned that his powers had not left him…

Over the next few years Orsik devoted himself to harnessing his powers in new ways. Led by Abel Tunir he continued to learn new arts of weaponry and defenses. During the last few weeks of Orsik’s training he started to notice Abel becoming more solemn and cagey. As Orsik tried to talk with Abel he was treated callously. He backed off but started to watch Abel very closely. One night he followed Abel until he disappeared near a large tree. After searching the tree for some time Orsik found a secret entry in the trunk. As quietly as he could he entered the tree and snuck down the steps. Just as he reached the floor he heard the words “My work here is done Orcus, I now come to you!” Confused at the voice he heard, Orsik ran through the door to see Abel stepping through a portal and vanishing. Could he really have sided with the enemy?
After taking the news to the Delyl, Orsik was given the task of finding Abel and stopping whatever evil plan he had set in motion.


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