Syele Kamroth

Tiefling Warlock


Syele was assassinated in the tunnels just outside the Seven-Pillared Hall of Thunderspire Mountain.


Syele Kamroth’s past isn’t a pretty one. It’s amazing how a few bad decisions in one person’s past can affect their future. It doesn’t help that Syele’s poor decisions involve unknown beings from beyond and the destruction these beings could cause.But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Syele was born to Lord Alexius Kamroth and Lady Kitana Kamroth on the 13th day of Goodmonth, 335 F.E. While this date in and of itself wasn’t of any real importance to most people, it was to Lady Kitana. She was an avid astronomer, and was able to read the stars extremely well. Because of this, she noticed the changes in the skies when her daughter was born. She quickly warned her husband of the strange signs.

Lord Kamroth, however, would hear none of it. He was an extremely busy “business” man and didn’t have time for such nonsense. That isn’t to say that he was not a religious man. Lord Kamroth was an avid follower of Tiamat. Especially Tiamat’s doctrine to hoard one’s wealth. He spent little time with his family, though what time he did spend with them frequently was spent with Syele’s older brother – Alexandre Kamroth.

This was the family that Syele grew up with. She was in constant competition with her older sibling and frequently found herself in second place. Her brother had shown a competency for the arcane arts and as such was being trained by the best wizard that Lord Kamroth could purchase. Syele found herself in a constant state of jealousy. She looked for any way to best her brother and prove herself to her father. That desire would eventually lead her to make her ill fated decision…

It all happened on the night of her 16th birthday. After a particularly humiliating and painful incident involving her brother, a prestidigitation spell, and her entire family present, Syele went outside. Furious, the girl swore that she would get revenge against her brother and silently wished for any kind of power to get said revenge. She would hear a voice, quiet and distant, telling her that her wish had been granted. As she looked up to see where the voice came from, all the stars in the sky turned blood red and the figure of a horrid, faceless being appeared. The figure pointed down at her and a terrible white-blue light surrounded her. She screamed in terror and a moment later found herself in her bed.

Her black hair now was highlighted with white streaks. Her skin had turned from a dark copper color to a very pale tone. Her red eyes were now unnaturally light blue and seemed to glow. Beyond her physical condition, she felt as if something was always watching her. It quickly didn’t matter when she realized the power that had been given to her. It was powerful. Much more so than her brother’s. However… there was a catch to all of it.

In the coming weeks she would begin to have nightmares. She soon realized that these nightmares were not just affecting her though. Alexandre, her mortal enemy, would feel the effects of these nightmares as well though much worse than she did. They began to drive him mad and eventually he fled their home.

Lord Kamroth was absolutely furious. It didn’t take him long to find out that his son’s condition was caused by Syele. He banished his daughter once he realized that she was the one who caused Alexandre to go mad. She was given a warning, that if she were to ever return, she would be killed on sight.

So, at the age of 16, Syele set out into the world to fend for herself. The tricks that she picked up from her father’s less-than-legal business paid off in the end. She was able to focus on honing her skills. While she still is searching for her lost brother, in the hopes to finally get her true revenge, she also is constantly searching books and looking to the stars to unlock the mysteries they hold. Deep down she knows that the beings beyond are using her and will eventually come to collect for the power they have given her. Even so, she still finds gazing up at the stars to be fascinating… if not a little scary.

Syele Kamroth

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