The House of ShadowLore

Sealing the Rift

The party pushes through the doors to find themselves in a temple dedicated to Orcus. Glowing crystal pillars reveal a priest standing at an altar up ahead. Blood flows from the altar to stream across the floor before flowing through a grate in the midst of the temple.

As the group rushes in, they find themselves being attacked from all sides by vampire spawn, a couple of barbaric humans and a shadowy, goblinoid creature. Though the group took a bit of a beating early in the battle, they quickly turned the tide and emerged victorious.

When the din of battle died away, they could hear chanting coming up from the hole in the floor grate. Looking down, they saw thick, blood-covered chains leading down into a lower level of the temple where Kalarel stood at an alter performing a ritual to open the Rift to the Shadowfell. Kalarel small
Rift small The group made their way down to the lower chamber (some more gracefully than others). Kalarel proved to be an extremely tough opponent and only with a little luck did they manage to defeat him and his undead minions. When the final blow fell on Kalarel, he was sucked into the Rift; his panicked cries for mercy from Orcus echoing through the chamber. With Kalarel gone, the magic of his ritual work fails and the glowing runes on the floor and around the portal sputter and die. The Rift is sealed once more.
Celebration Feast

Goriand, Andero, Abraxus and Autumn head back to Winterhaven to find the gates closed and the walls manned by the Regulars, keeping vigilant watch for danger. Upon hearing of the group’s success at the Keep, the gates are opened wide and the party ushered into Wrafton’s where they are bombarded with mugs of ale and requests to hear of their heroic exploits.

Lord Padraig asked the group to be their guests in town through the following day when they can once again open up the town for market day and hold a celebration feast in their honor that night. He also invited them to stay as long as they liked and assured them that they would always be welcome in Winterhaven.

So the group spent the evening and the following day mingling with the good folks of Winterhaven. They were able to find buyers for some of the trinkets they found within the ruins of the keep and were also able to pick of a couple of items that caught their eye. And when the time came for the evening feast, the town was filled with revelers toasting the victory of their new heroes.

The next morning, the group left Winterhaven with calls of well-wishes floating after them in the morning breeze. They had decided to follow Andero to his home village on the eastern shores of Lake Wintermist where the halfling hoped to unravel the mystery behind the sudden delivery of his master’s staff to him in Fallcrest.

Kobolds small They hadn’t been traveling long along the road north from Winterhaven when Andero spotted a group of kobolds lying in wait to ambush them. Thanks to the halfling’s sharp eyes, the group was able to get the jump on the kobolds instead. The group quickly gained the advantage and one of the kobolds threw a ceramic pot into the air where it exploded into a bright fireball. Figuring this was a signal for reinforcements, the group pressed the attack even harder and cut through the remaining kobolds just as a hobgoblin attack force arrived on the scene.
The party eagerly dove into battle with the hobgoblins; and though they were a far more disciplined fighting group than the kobolds, they too would prove to be no match for the heroes. The companions emerged bloodied and battered, but victorious. Hobgoblin small

From the words that were exchanged during combat as well as the markings found on the kobolds and hobgoblins, it was determined that the two groups were the remnants of Irontooth’s gang and the Bloodreavers. The two groups had apparently planned to combine their strength to take revenge on the ones who had decimated their organizations… a mistake which cost them everything.

Zombies Traveling on, it wasn’t long until the road led the party past the ruins of the Keep on the Shadowfell, where they noticed a group of undead milling about the ruins. They didn’t want to leave such a threat behind them, so they charged headlong into the ranks of shambling zombies. The ragged undead fell one after another to the mighty blows of the heroes until over a score of corpses littered the ruins, never to rise again.

With the last remnants of Kalarel’s minions now destroyed, the group continued their journey towards Andero’s home. After a few more miles, they left the road to cut northeast across the countryside. They skirted the rolling hills of the Gardbury Downs and crossed the open plains, heading for the eastern shores of Lake Wintermist and the edge of the Winterbole Forest. As night fell, they found what shelter they could in a small copse of trees on the plains and made camp for the night.

A Horrific Homecoming

As the party was breaking down camp and preparing to hit the road once more, they were set upon by a group of bugbears and their pet hyenas. Once the dust settled, the group found a crude map on one of the bugbears which depicted a dark pyramid amidst a forest. Intrigued by the coincidence, both Abraxus and Autumn revealed to the group that they had been having odd dreams which also showed them a shadowy pyramid located somewhere deep in the Winterbole Forest. In the dreams they saw a tiefling which bid them to find the pyramid where they could find “power for the taking” and were told to seek out Karavakos.

The group discussed the possibility of finding the pyramid as they made their way to Andero’s village, where they made a very disturbing discovery. The village had been ravaged. Human and halfing remains were scattered about, and some of the buildings were missing entirely. While they were looking around the remains of the town, some shadowy wolves appeared and attacked them.

Into the Winterbole Forest

Green dragon




Prisoners of the Pyramid

Bandits outside the pyramid

Trapped in the pyramid

Ettin and carrion crawlers. Found the Head of Vyrelis.

Rats and boneslide


One down, two to go

Eaters of knowledge in the library

Arat Karavakos


Autumn leaves


Bargaining with bandits

Spoke with Gharesh Vren, leader of the bandits. Morgran and Tony (Timmy) join the group.

Entered the hedge maze of the Arboreals.

Fought the harpies and sahuagin at the rope bridges.

Found the headless corpse of Vyrelis.

Fought the demons and flameskull in the hall of mirrors. Tony dies.


Damn stairs!

Through the mirrors, saw other members of the bandit camp freeing and fleeing from the headless corpse.

Entered a chamber of ice. Destroyed the chillborn zombies and a mezzodemon who were trapped within.

Found the stairway leading up to the second level of the pyramid. Killed two gargoyles and a harpy while struggling up the trapped stairs.

Chillin' with the Villains

Eladrin in the ice chamber


White dragon – left alive

Medusa? Pfft!

Foulspawn idol hoppers



Gates of Madness

Foulspawn settlement


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