Tag: Taverns


  • Nentir Inn

    A fine new building constructed of fieldstone and strong timber, the Nentir Inn stands on the west bank of the [[Nentir River]]. Merchants from [[Winterhaven]] or [[Hammerfast]] make up the clientele, along with travelers who happen to be passing through. …

  • Silver Unicorn Inn

    For many years, the Silver Unicorn has billed itself as “the Pride of Fallcrest,” charging high rates for its attentive service and well-appointed rooms. The owner is a stern halfling matriarch named [[Wisara Osterman]]. A room in the Silver …

  • Blue Moon Alehouse

    This brewhouse on the banks of the Moonwash Stream is the best tavern in [[Fallcrest]]. The owner is a nervous, easily flustered fellow of fifty or so named Par Winomer.

  • Lucky Gnome Taphouse

    Cheapest and coarsest of [[Fallcrest | Fallcrest’s]] drinking establishments. The owner of the Lucky Gnome is an unsavory character named [[Kelson]].