The House Library

Warm lighting and soft music invites you to relax in the peace and serenity of the library. Ornate candelabras spill their light over plush, comfortable chairs and couches. Rich tapestries adorn the walls and a warm fire crackles in the hearth. Books and scrolls of every description fill the shelves lining the walls; from simple, leather-bound books of poetry, to lore of the Feywild written upon leaves and bound with tree bark. Thick, velvet curtains usually cover the windows, but are sometimes drawn aside to enjoy the sunshine. Upon a small table in the midst of the room sits a beautiful, crystalline sculpture of a rearing unicorn. It is this sculpture which emanates the soft music which fills the room with its tranquil notes. In each of the library’s southern corners sits a scribe’s desk; each one supplied with parchment and ink.

The Fall of Nerath

The Fall of Arkhosia

History of the Dragonborn

History of the Devas

The House Library

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