Dragonborn Star Pact Warlock


One pissed off Dragonborn….

With the jobs given to Abraxus by his friends, he has become skilled in Intimidation and Streetwise. He has ways of getting answers…

With the time he spent researching his powers and trying to find answers he has also became skilled in History and Arcana.

He worships Nusemnee and believes the following:
• It is never too late to seek redemption.
• True heroism does not come from good deeds. It comes from doing good when it matters.
• Nobody is perfect. It is not a shame to fail, and it is not a waste to try.
• Open your heart to possibilities. Never give up hope.


His village was being attacked and in an effort to turn the tide, Abraxus made a deal with a group of entities led by Zehir. Even with the new powers he wasnt able to stop the invasion and he found himself homeless. He hopped from village to village in the neighboring countryside trying to learn more about his powers and more about the attack on his village. His friends (entities), have required him from time to time to jobs that Abraxus didnt “enjoy”. He did however learn from these jobs and they have shaped him into who he is now.
…in the future… Abraxus is able to use his skills to find information on the invasion. He was able to determine the forces that were behind it were the same that gave him his power. Somehow they knew he would ask for their help and they forced his hand. Knowing that he doesnt have the power to challenge them (yet), he decides to wait for a job that is different from the others. And he botches it, bad…

From that point on Abraxus has cut all communication to the entities and has tried to hinder their plans any time possible. He still researches the events around the invasion looking for more hints on Zehir and any that helped him. He is now worshiping Nusemnee and hopes to one day put an end to Zehir and the other entities.


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